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Docu Magazine is a high quality print and online magazine. We are publishing the most captivating stories all around the world, captured by talented photographers. Our photographers are hungry for new interesting stories. Our focus mainly lies on long-term projects, however it’s up to you if you want to submit a quick reportage or maybe a ten year documentation project.

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In today’s world everything is fast and loud 

Looks like there is a quick fix solution for everything.
People are looking for instant pleasure and cannot tolerate delays.
Not everyone though.


Documentary photography tells a story and generally relates to longer term projects, with a more complex narrative. In times like these, good things will come to those who wait — and better things will come to those who are patient. Docu Magazine publishes high quality documentary photography projects world wide in print and online. We believe in patience, high quality and slow thinking.



Submit your documentary project free of charge. Best project will be placed on the cover of the magazine issue #1 

Best Photo Winner gets 1000€ via PayPal. 

Upcoming issues

We are a brand new magazine. Our goal is to do things little differently. The very first issue of Docu Magazine is in the making and we are extremely excited!

 Here is the place we publish our issues online. ->

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Once your project gets published in Docu Magazine, we will promote your work and your personal brand & your Instagram in the ‘Our Photographers’ page.