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Docu Creative Hub is an international Community of Freelancer Photographers.

📍 We are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

🌎 But our members are from around the globe.

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: Get your work published.

We are constantly looking for new talents from around the world.

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“How To Make An Income As A Documentary Photographer”.

Creating A Foolproof Method Step By Step

Work Smart

Some photographers jump from one project to another like robots, without ever publishing anything. That’s not very smart.


• We need that feeling of accomplishment. We all know how being appreciated and respected feels like.

• Get your projects published – it is important.

Here is what we think: a project isn’t really finished until it has been published in a magazine or exhibited in an art gallery.

• If you cannot put it in your CV, it does not exist.

•Pro Tip: A Great CV Looks Like This

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