Our Mission

High quality long-term documentary photography projects are getting lost in the flood of digital images. In the online world, what happened 2 weeks ago is now ancient history. But with print it’s different. Print doesn’t lose its value, it’s like physical gold in the age of countless cryptocurrencies.


Publishing a high quality print magazine is our mission number one. We have found out that there’s quite a few exceptionally creative photographers working with extremely interesting documentary photography projects, all around the world. These projects are getting lost online, and our mission is to give them a place offline where they can be touched, smelled and looked at on premium quality paper.


We accept project submissions from our photographers with an invitation when the Open Call is active. Along with the print magazine, Instagram is our platform online where we share the selected projects that the jury has accepted for the print magazine.


We do this simply because we think it’s important. Too many great projects are left unnoticed online. 


The Founder of Docu Creative Hub and Editor-in-Chief of Docu Magazine, Tuomas Koskialho, works with an international team full of talented professionals in the fields of art, photography, journalism, media, marketing and communications.


In 2021 we have launched  two spin-off magazines: Docu Street Magazine & Docu Nature Magazine.

We are also working with two big projects we call Docu Academy and Docu Freelance Database.

Editor-in-Chief & Director

Tuomas Koskialho (1987) is a Documentary Photographer, Visual Artist and a Media Producer living and working in Helsinki, Finland.

Between 2008-2018 Koskialho has exhibited his photography projects in over 40 art galleries and museums in Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, South Korea, Japan, China, Canada and the United States.

Koskialho has worked as an Artist, a Photojournalist in newspapers and a Creative Director in startup companies. Koskialho holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (2012), and has an incomplete Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2016-). Currently Koskialho works as a Media Producer in a non-profit organization — and as the Editor-in-Chief of Docu Magazine and the Director of Docu Creative Hub from June 2020 onwards.

Instagram: @tuomas_koskialho