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Can you fly if your wings are clipped?

Krystyna Sahirova
Kyiv, Ukraine
[email protected]
The photo series “Can you fly if wings are clipped” is about residents of the orphanage for people with physical or mental disabilities in Smila, Ukraine. 180 people from 4 to 35 years old live here constantly. They are completely isolated from society and most of them never left the orphanage.
We have no program of adaptation these people to real life in society in my country . They have to live all their life in social institutions without any hope to change something. I show small moments of their daily life: smiles, tears, sadness and friendship, but most of all I want all people to see - how they suffer from loneliness and isolation.
These people thrown out of society. Nobody speaks publicly about this problem. I wanted my country to know more about the life in orphanages, try to change the attitude towards these people and show that they are the same members of Ukrainian society as all the rest are and deserve to live not in reservation but in common surrounding.
I hope my project will help to draw attention to this problem and would trigger discussing in society and will serve as an impetus for the adoption of new laws.

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