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Docu International Collaboration Program

Great Opportunity For Freelancers Around The World


  • Being a Freelancer can be lonely. 


  • Studies show that performance is improved when collaborating.


  • Collaborative methods are much more valuable than individualistic ways of building progression in career.


  • More innovation.


  • Creative brainstorming sessions.


  • Finding new fresh perspectives.


  • Making important connections.


  • Learn from each other.


  • Professional networking.


  • Gaining access to additional skills.


  • Asking for feedback and opinions, sharing knowledge.


  • Best projects will be published in Docu Magazine.


  • It’s 100% 


This is how it works:

Step 1: Join Docu International Collaborations. Send your appliucation below. It’s free.

Step 2: We will match you with a fellow photographer – you will make a project together!

Step 3: Get to know each other. Start brainstorming Documentary Photography project ideas. At first you will communicate via email. If you want, you can switch to Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Step 4: After Brainstorming, write a project plan:

  • List what you are going to do.

  • Figure out how are you gong to do it.

  • Explain why this project is interesting.

  • Make a project schedule (include feedback sessions with your partner).

Step 5: Start the project.

Step 6: When project is ready, make a video presentation about your project. (Show images in presentation too!) 

Hello, we are ______ and ______. Our project is called__________. This project is about___________“. 

Step 7: Send video presentation to [email protected] by WeTransfer

Step 8: Our team will watch all presentations and select the best projects. Selected projects will be published in Docu Magazine.

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It’s 100% Free