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Open Call For Documentary Photographers

Are you a documentary photographer? Do you want to get your project published?

DEADLINE: April 29th, 2021 (Don’t miss out!)

The Benefits of Being a Published Photographer?

  • For most aspiring and professional photographers, having a photo in a magazine is the ultimate goal.


  • When you do have your photos published in a magazine with premium quality paper, it can give a great boost and a feeling of pride. It also helps confirm that you are on the right track when your online submissions get accepted.


  • A reputable publication can expose your image to a lot of well respected and admired people already working in the field.


  • Being formally educated usually helps, but with us you don’t necessarily need a Master’s Degree in Photography – Docu Magazine is looking for creative minds from diverse backgrounds.


  • A great benefit of print publication is that it can’t be changed or removed. A published photo is in that issue forever.


  • Anyone can start a blog or Instagram account, but a print magazine is a print magazine.


  • Usually, a published photo will get you some income (for example, we are working with a couple of our published photographers with print sales, teaching webinars and workshops online etc.)


  • There’s potential for future commissions.


  • If you don’t get paid right away, there is always the chance that the published photos could lead to more work in the future.


  • It gives you a photography goal to work towards. Some photographers have a goal of getting published in 6 magazines per year. And others goal is 10 magazine publications and 2 gallery exhibitions per year. What’s your goal?


  • Freelance photography is a lonely business. Usually you have to generate ideas for shoots alone. A successful photography submission to a magazine requires focus on great storytelling. Here you can test if your storytelling skills are on point.


  • What is better networking than getting published in a magazine with other talented photographers? You can contact your new friends and perhaps collaborate with new projects.


  • Yes, we know this is a stereotype but usually an artist is not the best salesman in the world. Having your work published is a great means of marketing yourself. Let us do the marketing for you, so you can focus on photographing your projects.


  • Imagine your video interview being published in our Instagram? Who’s the champion now?


  • Being published positions you as an industry expert or leader.


  • Publishing your work through visible sources helps others to learn.


  • Magazines, journals and galleries can make your work more discoverable, as they are already being read and visited by circles of industry experts.

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Docu Magazine: Vol 2. Issue 3. Mar. 2021​​
Docu Magazine: Vol 2. Issue 2. Feb. 2021​
Docu Magazine: Vol 2. Issue 1. Jan. 2021​
Docu Magazine: Vol 1. Issue 6. Dec. 2020​
Docu Magazine: Vol 1. Issue 5. Nov. 2020​
Docu Magazine: Vol 1. Issue 4. Oct. 2020​
Docu Magazine: Vol 1. Issue 3. Aug. 2020​
Docu Magazine: Vol 1. Issue 2. Jul. 2020​
Docu Magazine: Vol 1. Issue 1. Jun. 2020

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