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Submitting a project is 100% free. However, if your project gets selected, you are obliged to pay a fee. If your project is published in the Print Magazine, the fee is 197€, if your project is published on Docu Magazine’s Instagram, the fee is 97€, if your project is published on both Print Magazine and Instagram, the fee is 235€. Our team will review your project and email you in 1-3 days.

Who can submit?

Guidelines (12 steps)


Choose 9 most important images from your project


Image size: Longer side: 4000px. DPI 300: File format: JPG. Color: CMYK (no watermarks/signatures on image)


Upload the 9 images to Google Drive / WeTransfer / Dropbox


Write a general introduction text to your project, 500-1500 words


A general introduction? What your project is about? What’s the story? Who are the people? Why did you shoot this? Where does the story take place? What is the title?


Save the text file as PDF and upload to Google Drive / WeTransfer / Dropbox, same folder where your 9 images are located


Take a photo of yourself


Photo of yourself: Image size: Longer side: 2000px. DPI 300: File format: JPG. File name: Firstname_Lastname.jpg 


Upload the photo of yourself to Google Drive / WeTransfer / Dropbox, same folder as the other files


Get a shareable link to your Google Drive / WeTransfer / DropBox folder


Double check that everything is correct


Great! Now fill in your info below 👇