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Photo submission guidelines

💎 Open call is currently closed 💎

  1. Congratulations for finishing your documentary photography project
  2. Choose 9 most important images from your project
  3. Upload the 9 images to Google Drive (If you don’t know how to use Google Drive, google “how to use Google Drive“)
  4. Image size: Longer side: 4000px. DPI 300: File format: JPG. Color: CMYK
  5. Write a general introduction to your work, 500-1500 words
  6. A general introduction? What your project is about, what’s the story, who are the people, why did you shoot this, where does the story take place?  
  7.  Save the text file as PDF and upload to Google Drive, same folder where your 9 images are located
  8. Write a biography text: A) Your Name B) Year when born C) Country and City where you work D) Link to your Instagram E) Email
  9. Biography example: A) John Smith B) 1987 C) Sydney, Australia D) www.instagram.com/johnsmith87photos E) [email protected] 
  10. Save biography text file as PDF and upload to Google Drive, same folder where your 9 images and the introduction PDF are located
  11. Take a photo of yourself. It doesn’t have to be LinkedIn kind of formal if you think that’s boring, but don’t be too artistic here
  12. Photo of yourself, image size: Longer side: 2000px. DPI 300: File format: JPG. File name: Firstname_Lastname.jpg 
  13. Upload the photo of yourself to Google Drive, same folder. 
  14. Get a shareable link to your Google Drive folder (how? Look here)
  15. Finally, send email to [email protected]: TITLE: Submission – Firstname Lastname, and in the email you copy & paste the link to your Google Drive folder.
  16. Follow @documagazine on Instagram.

Terms and conditions:

By submitting you promise you own all rights to the photos you submitted (meaning: you took the photos/photos are not stolen).

If your project gets selected, the photos will/might be published in the printed Docu Magazine, in documagazine.com website, Docu Academy and Docu Magazine’s social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc. 

No image will be published without the photographer’s name. 

No image will be sold to a third party entity.

The Photohrapher owns the copyrights to their images (©).

We do not process submissions that are sent incorrectly – make sure you follow the steps 1-16 as shown above.