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Who Are you?

Rijil Thomas. By profession I am an IT Business Analyst working for one of the leading investment banks in London. I hold double post graduate degrees in the field of IT.
Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I was born and raised in Pune, India. I belong to a middle class family with Christian belief. My childhood was pretty normal and majority of the time spent was a city life. Ever summer school break I would visit my grandparents in Kerala, a state in South of India.

How did you become a photographer?

A road trip to Scotland lead me to buy my first DSLR camera, Canon 1200D with KIT Lens. I had no composition skills and no technique but rapidly clicking photos because to me everything was so beautiful and I wanted to capture everything. So this was my first step to photography.

Why did you choose photography over other mediums?

As a child and whilst growing up, I could draw and paint well. I had no formal education it was just a talent I possessed as a child. But over the years of growing up I lost touch with this talent. Photography is something I got into by chance and when I started learning the technique and art of photography it intrigued me more. I decided to explore more and since then have been stuck with photography.

What is the most interesting project you have been working with?

I am a full time professional and photography is just a hobby. So pictures that I take are either part of my travel or any workshops that I may have attended. I have never worked on a photography project as yet but this is something I look forward to. Currently working on building by portfolio of landscape, seascape, wildlife and architectural photos. This portfolio is called “PhotoPrintCafé”.

What do you usually do when you start a new project?

I have not yet worked on a photography project however when I do attend any photography tour workshops I do ensure that I read a little about the location. I google to see pictures previously taken and just prepare mentally. This approach helps me make most of the little time I get to spend on a location during such tours.

What advice would you give to young emerging photographers?

Creativity is within everybody. You just need to identify it and be comfortable with it. Learning is inevitable, keep learning and practising more. During one the of photography tour I attended, I was told that I should practice photography to such an extent that my fingers should automatically know what variables (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) to adjust in a given scene. It is like typing an email or blog without even looking at the keyboard. This piece of advise did make sense to me and I would like to pass this advice to any emerging photographer reading this.

What has been the most touching moment in your career?

When my parents visited me in London and came to see my work that I was exhibiting in London Photo Festival in the year 2017.

What are you working on right now?

I am right now working on building my portfolio of landscape, seascape, wildlife and architectural photos.

Do you consider yourself as a landscape photographer or nature photographer? Or both?

Both, definitely.

How do you see the future of nature photography?

We are living in such a time where going out and travelling has been restricted. Exploring the planet we live in is restricted. I guess it is healing time for nature and the best of nature is yet to be seen.

What else is happening right now?

Looking forward to some competitions that I have participated in, so fingers crossed. Due to lockdown restrictions have not committed to participating to any workshops but looking forward to it. Whilst waiting for restrictions to be lifted working and building my portfolio called “PhotoPrintCafé“.

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Rijil Thomas

Rijil Thomas

Rijil Thomas

Rijil Thomas

Rijil Thomas

Rijil Thomas