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Without the countryside there is no city
Javier Clemente Martinez
Madrid, Spain
[email protected]
In this documentary work, an activity almost as old as our own existence, unfortunately in danger of disappearance, is visually recorded and honored; a profession of great economic impact, basic to stop the rural exodus and take care of the environment: grazing. They also want to praise the figure of the shepherd, sometimes undervalued (both from an economic and social point of view), for his hard work.
The image of the shepherd with his flock of sheep is an increasingly difficult picture to see in our fields. For years, the activity has been in decline, on the road to extinction. Every year, more shepherds leave the activity without anyone taking over. We may have forgotten that without the countryside there is no city. Mother Earth breastfeeds us, breastfed by her we live every day. All the food that we can eat is born in the field, from the earth, thanks to shepherds, as the protagonists of this project, also to farmers, fishermen and all kinds of workers who strive every day to nourish all of us. Many of us eat for food, we do not know how much sacrifice and how much sweat the products are worked with. If the rural people were not there, if the rural people did not work, what would we urban people live on?

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