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So close, so far

A Study Of The Dutch Display
Clio Squadroni
Utrecht, the Netherlands
cliosquadroni[email protected]
When I first arrived in the Netherlands I was fascinated by the fact that the Dutch often don’t have curtains behind the large windows facing the street. There are several explanations for the habit. For one, it might very well be a product of the deeply embedded Calvinist philosophy in Dutch society: a culture where an honest citizen has nothing to hide, a portrait of decency; The window itself is an important and functional architectural element. it is on the empty space (within), that its use depends: If you walk the streets, it’s the one thing that really stands out.
The Dutch display, without fear, their private lives and the relationships they have with livings spaces. In Dutch cities you’ll find a new frame of life around each corner. An unknown story that ends precisely at the distinctive border between house and street, between private and public space. After the glimpse you catch, it’s up to your imagination. Who are they? What could their life be like? You want to know more about them, from your safe distance, from your naturally designated position as a spectator of their frame of life.
This photography project is a celebration of this point of view, of this moment in time. Of life in the city and all the stories that flow through. the photos were taken in various cities of holland, from 2016 to today.

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