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Workers in Chefchaouen

David Coseani
Rosario, Argentina
[email protected]
My project is about workers in the city of Chefchaouen, in Morocco. I heard about a blue city in Morocco while traveling in Spain. It was relatively close, so I said "why not?"
Upon arrival, it seemed like a fantastic world. The colors, the labyrinthine streets, the people... I went crazy because everything seemed to be photographic. I took hundreds of photos, which I organized according to the characteristics of the city that most caught my attention. I have a series of doors (they are amazing), for the elderly, for cats (the streets are full of cats), but my favorite is the series of workers. Very old people doing tough jobs, hundreds of vendors selling all kinds of products, overcrowded markets, even weed and opium vendors (one of them allowed me to photograph him, but he doesn't exactly look like a worker). Many of the jobs are related to tourism, but others continue as they did 100 years ago.

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